Brotherly Love

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May & June – Brotherly Love

My brother Kanji and his wife Kazuko came to see me on 5/24/2019 for two weeks vacation.

Dear Kanji & Kazuko – Thank you:
I don’t have much of memory of him. Kanji is 7 years my junior, also I left home when I was 15 to enter a boarding High School.
However, we had a lot to talk about our childhood. Nostalgia, yes, that’s it. a sentimental longing for the past with happy personal associations.
He cut my big tree branch that growing over to the next door with a tiny saw. Also, money for four new tires to buy. He told me that I should make sure to check my brakes and tires.
Kazuko has strong “Compassionate heart” She always thinks and cares about/for other people. I had to tell her a hundred time to become “a little selfish” I know she is not going to change.

They brought the following gifts: (Kazuko-san Arigatou):

  • Their heart and thought in a jumbo-sized paper card with embroidered contents
  • Foods – She knows I don’t like to cook. She got bunch of ready-to-eat foods
  • Japanese style hand towels (I requested)
  • Noragi (Samurais and the cultural elite wore silk while farmers wore Noragi jackets)
  • Painkillers (Loxoprofen Sodium Tape 100 mg) for my back injury
  • Newspaper EXTRA (4/30/2019 Japanese emperor in two centuries to abdicate)
  • Presents for my Grandson

I was cranky in the evening due to my back. Kazuko-san, I am very sorry I was so irritable.

Just two weeks stay are not long enough, I wish they stayed at least three or four weeks. I Hope There’s a Next Time.
I love you both. Wish you a happy and healthy life ahead!

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!
5/02/19: My primary doctor appointment for my backache
5/04/19: A Washlet Installed
5/06/19: Fixed my car’s Paint transfer
5/09/19: Free movie CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF Orinda Theatre
5/10/19: Launch at Stanford Restaurant in WC
5/16/19: Appointment  with MD. My Blood Pressure is 120 – 90 Good.
5/17/19: Mammogram
5/24/19: My brother & his wife from Japan arrived
5/25/19: Shopping around Union Square & Westfield Mall
5/26/19: SF Carnaval Grand Parade
5/27/19: SF Presidio. Memorial Day Commemoration
5/27/19: SF Presidio. The Walt Disney Family Museum
5/27/19: Golden Gate Bridge
5/27/19: Palace of Fine Arts
5/28/19: Shopping at Union Sq, Japantown
5/29/19: They went SF by themselves
5/30/19: They went to Las Vegas & Grand Canyon
5/31/19: I enjoyed Brasas Do Brazil Churrascaria steakhouse
6/01/19: They got back from Vegas/G. Canyon
6/02/19: Shopping at North Face in Berkeley
6/03/19: They went to Yosemite day-tour
6/04/19: We went to Golden Gate Park
6/05/19: We went to see SF Opera “Carmen”
6/06/19: We enjoyed steak dinner at home
6/07/19: My guests left for Japan

I forgot to mention that many friends, acquaintances, and neighbors helped me to prepare my house for welcoming my relatives. Also, when I hurt my back. Thank you, everyone… 

Photo Gallery – May & June 2019 events of everyday life


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