Cultural Entertainments

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Apology to Kanji & Kazuko

June, 21st Summer began! We had 3-day heat-wave before officially Summer.

My big apology to my brother and his wife. I forgot to feed them. Big mistake!!!
I hate cooking, plus my small fridge is partially broken, so I cannot put a lot of fresh foods.
I don’t know why I didn’t realize to go to Grocery stores and take them to the restaurants.
I like people to cook for me. Anyway, no excuse. this mistake is the biggest regret in my entire life.

June – Cultural Entertainments
I enjoyed many cultural entertainments this month. Opera ‘Carmen’, ‘Rusalka’. Three Concerts. County Fair. Many dining out.
I’ve never been to Alameda County Fair before. Surprisingly I enjoyed it. Pig race, Horse race, Motocross.
All-Alaskan Racing Pigs. Eight little pigs, they are adorable and was one of the highlights for the day.
I’ve seen Horse races at Golden Gate Field, however, I never imagined Alameda County Fairgrounds has one.
I look forward to the SF LGBT Pride Parade every year. It was awesome and beautiful. You must be open-minded.

A lady looks drop-dead gorgeous is usually a guy.

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars).
The time is now!

6/04/19: Corpse flower at Conservatory of Flowers
6/05/19: SF Opera “Carmen”
6/07/19: My brother and his wife back to Japan
6/09/19: Lunch at “The Point” in Rio Vista, Dinner at “Olive Garden”
6/14/19: SF Civic Symphony
6/15/19: Piedmont Chamber Music, Piedmont, CA
6/15/19: Dinner at Scott’s Seafood, Walnut Creek, CA
6/17/19: Bought 4 new tires for my car – Thanks to my brother & Richard
6/21/19: Summer began, Dinner at Benihana, Concord, CA
6/22/19: ‘Brahms Requiem’ Berkeley Community Chorus and Orchestra Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley
6/22/19: SF Opera ‘RUSALKA’
6/26/19: Movie ‘Late Night’, Pittsburg, CA
6/28/19: Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton, CA
6/28/19: Dinner at Black Angus, Pleasant Hill, CA
6/29/19: Soy and Tofu Festival, SF
6/30/19: SF LGBT Pride Parade, SF

Photo Gallery – June 2019 events of everyday life


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