August 2019

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There are so many reasons it is important to have good friends.

We choose what we value, either consciously or unconsciously.
living the life you want.

Wait a second. Life is not that easy.
Life as a maze finds you off the path feeling that happiness is not assured. You see many decisions and events as dead ends.

Let’s face it.
Senior life has plenty of time.
Senior life has less income.
Senior life face age-related functional decline.

So, get out of your house, enjoy what you see out there, wherever you go, with strong curiosity.

I have wonderful friends, and Fred invited me to Los Angeles Vacation. (Fred, thanks a million)
It was so much fun, we had a blast.
It was one of “Marking Off My Bucket List” so to speak.

8/01/19: Lunch at Pakistani Restaurant
8/01/19: Peaceful time at Martinez Marina
8/06/19: Presidio, Golden Gate Visitor Center, Palace of Fine Arts
8/06/19: Legion of Honor Museum, Cliff House
8/06/19: Golden Gate Park, Bison, Stow Lake
8/06/19: Conservatory of Flowers – Dahlia Garden
8/07/19: Mt. Diablo – 3,849 feet, drove to the summit
8/08/19: Tilden Park – Steam Train – Lake Anza – Merry-Go-Round – Botanic Garden
8/13/19: La Veranda Ristorante Italiano
8/18/19: Preparation for Los Angeles Trip
8/19/19: LA Trip start – Driving South on I-5 (3 pit stops)
8/23/19: drive North on US-101 and CA-1 scenic drive
8/24/19: San Jose Kelley Park, Zoo, Japanese Garden

Photo Gallery – August events of everyday life

Vacation photos are in prior posting.

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