Black Screen of Death

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September – Baseball – Japanese Heritage Night

YouTube Video by MLB – Published on Sep 4, 2019
A’s smash 3 homers in 4-0 shutout of Angels | Angels-Athletics Game Highlights 9/4/19

Fatal System Crash – both Desktop & Laptop at the same time (?) Why?

Morning of Sept. 15, I used my HP Envy 700-527c Desktop for a few minutes right after I got out of the bed. After my morning choir completed, I turned on puter from sleep mode. Nothing appeared on the screen. Unable to boot into Safe Mode. I googled solutions using my iPad and iPhone. Nothing worked.
So, I decided to use my Dell Inspiron Laptop. I get this error:
PXE E61: Media test failure, check cable.
Operation System not found.
I was at a total loss as to how to fix my problem.
I’m puter illiterate.  I’m puter illiterate.        Cry some moreHelp arrived

My good friend, Fred came over and we brought the box to “The Fry’s Electronics” and “Best Buy”  They didn’t know what to do, bad news.
I need to replace the drive with a new one. The top two killers of hard-drive are shock and heat, and the design life of a hard drive is about five years. My HP desktop is 4 years old. Fred did all the installations, hard drive, all the software. He is brilliantly intelligent. He says “able to solve successfully it is a very joyful, rewarding experience.” Now my HP desktop is almost useable. Need to upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1 (I did that in 2016 It was free) Also I like to have newer Adobe Photoshop.  So far, I downloaded and installed free Photo editors such as GIMP, PhotoPad, etc., None of them can compress photos in my desired file size. (Format is JPG, Dimension 640×480, Filesize: smaller the better without losing image quality (80KB or less) because I have too many images on the page. Therefore, to increase “page load time” I got to have an extremely compressed file. Viewers won’t even wait 3 seconds for a site to load.
Fred is working on my Dell Laptop now. I still need to make tons of adjustments and install many small apps. Well, Actually I don’t know how to do anything. I just tell Fred what I need/want.

My Grandson Sebastian

Finally, I have a piece of very good news. My son, his wife, grandson, and I had lunch in Vacaville. Grandson’s name is Sebastian (AKA Bash). He cried when I held him for the first time because of someone unfamiliar. Shortly after that, he enjoyed held by me, with a big smile and trying to talk to me. I couldn’t sleep for two nights prior to a meeting because of such anxiety and joy. Thanks, Robert and Tina, for a healthy, wonderful grandson.

9/01/19: American Bon Dancing at Yerba Buena Garden, SF
9/04/19: Pedicure
9/04/19: Baseball – A’s vs. Angels – Japanese Heritage Night
9/08/19: “Opera in the Park”  Golden Gate Park
9/12/19: Lunch at Sanderlings Restaurant  at Seascape Resort
9/12/19: Drive leisurely on W Cliff Dr. Santa Cruz Beach
9/12/19:  “Persona Non Grata” Film Screening Event, Palo Alto
9/13/19: Lunch at Miramar Beach, Half Moon Bay, CA
9/13/19: The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, CA
9/15/19: Desktop & Laptop computers crashed
9/24/19: Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, CA
9/28/19: Lunch with my grandson at Nut tree, Vacaville, CA

September Photo gallery

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