Arizona Vacation

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Arizona Vacation

V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!  Excellent! Amazing! The natural beauty and atmosphere of the Navajo Nation.
A well-planned itinerary, good company, perfect weather, and mesmerizing views everywhere in Arizona. Phoenix is 5th largest city in the U.S. However, once step out the city, it’s the vast majority of the desert with spectacular shape/color of mountains. I was impressed by Lower Antelope canyon. It was so beautiful and the photos were breathtaking. Upper Antelope Canyon is more popular, but impassible to buy tickets. Of course, Grand Canyon is GRAND with many Scenic highlights. The train ride was fun with good entertainment. The final day, we could stop by “Out of Africa Wildlife Park” in Camp Verde. It is only 9 miles away from Montezuma Castle National Monument.
Many thanks to a travel companion.

October Photo gallery


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