October in Bay Area

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October in SF Bay Area

October in SF Bay Area – Many devastating wildfires and minor earthquakes. Don’t let it affect you too much! Life is an exciting adventure!  I’m handling my insecurity and lack of sound judgment much better than last year.
Have to be open to challenge  –  the rewards are just incredible. Design your own life.

10/01/19: Dead Fish Restaurant. Crockett, CA
10/02/19: Movie: Downton Abbey. Pittsburg, CA
10/12/19: SF Fleet Week, Air show. SF, CA
10/12/19: Simon and Garfunkel Story at Golden Gate Theatre
10/14/19: M4.5 Earthquake hit 10 miles from my house
10/16/19: SF Opera. The Marriage of Figaro
10/20/19: Apple Park Visitor Center. Cupertino, CA
10/20/19; Sushi Masa. San Jose, CA
10/21-24/19: Arizona Vacation
10/25/19: The Diner of Los Gatos. American eatery
10/25/19: Mt. Umunhum (former Almaden Air Force Station)
10/25/19: Dinner at Santana Row. San Jose

October Photo gallery

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