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*** Random Act of Kindness
11/19/19: I was in deep trouble in an unfamiliar location in the evening. My purpose was to pick up “Free Bookshelf” in Pleasant Hill. I cannot read street signs in the dark. I had to get out of the car to read the signs. My iPhone is not working. I couldn’t find an address. After driving around for over one hour, I accidentally closed the door while car-key was still in the ignition. Now, I got locked out of my car.
I gathered my courage and knocked on the door of a stranger’s house. Expecting no one to answer the door for their own safety. Because we are told, “Don’t open that door if you don’t know the person knocking.”
Thankfully, Connie and her husband came out and helped me to find an address. Just 2 blocks away. Three of us arrived at Andrea’s house. Andrea and her husband came out and five of us trying to figure out how to handle this situation. Andrea’s husband loaded bookshelf (6’x3’x14″) onto his pickup truck. Meanwhile,  Connie called AAA Road services. We arrived where my car was parked. At the same time, AAA came and unlocked (used Connie’s insurance. Thanks, Connie). We were able to load a bookshelf into my station wagon. I got home. My friend from Los Gatos and my neighbor came over and helped me to unload bookshelf a couple of days later.
It was quite an adventure and a crazy evening. I am truly thankful for their kindness and compassion.

2) SF Opera MANON LESCAUT. Music by Puccini and Nicola Luisotti conducted the Italian version.
I wanted to see Nicola again. He is a former Music director & Conductor at SF Opera. He had a ten-year tenure.
I saw the French version MANON, Music by Massenet 2 years ago.

3) Found a dog
11/26/2019: I went for a walk. Found a dog with no collar, no ID tag, wandering down the street. What can I do to help? I knocked on the doors of several houses asking people who may know the owner of this dog. No luck. She was dirty, skinny (spine sticking out), hair loss and bad skin condition. I brought her to my house, fed her, gave her a bath, and a new sweater. I took to where I found her, attempted to locate the owner. Then heavy rain started pouring. I came home with this dog.

11/28/2019: This Dog’s owner came forward – He saw it on  So, I delivered her to where she belongs. It was a happy ending. It was a joyful experience for me that she made my house a home immediately. Follow me to the end of the earth. I miss her very much.

4) Santa Cruz trip
The quintessential California beach town of Santa Cruz!
Dinner at “FireFish” Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, Musical – Me and my girl, Seymour Marine Discovery Center, and The Mystery Spot. We did a slow coastal drive along West Cliff Drive in September.

5) 11/28/19: Thanksgiving Day
I spent time with my precious grandson in Roseville, CA. I’m very thankful for a healthy grandson and his parents. I’m very fortunate to have good people around me (relatives, friends, neighbors) Also encountered good samaritan strangers…

6) My stupidity –
My desktop and laptop both computers were dead on September 15. My friend kindly helped me to replace a hard drive, recovered most data – lost some. He installed Photoshop from my original DVD. I was wondering why I cannot compress pictures in the desired filesize and smooth surface. The problem was default file type GIF, which should be JPEG. I was wondering “why” for over two months then finally I googled the solution.  Oh, my stupidity  – I have to re-do editing again from scratch and save as JPEG/JPG format within next month. Right now, keep as GIF, so, it takes longer to download websites and bad image quality.  All pictures are still GIF format. Sorry about that.

Photo Gallery – November 2019  

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