74 = Pre-old age

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January, New year and my Birthday

I celebrated my 74th Birthday this month. I’m not in the so-called “old age” yet (???). It’s true, I’m over a chronological age of 65. The 65, “senior” in legislation, the term applies to the age at which pensions, social security, and medical benefits for the elderly become available.

Last 30 years, the phenomenon of “rejuvenation” has been seen in which the appearance of changes in physical function as a result of aging, including gait speed and grip strength, have been delayed many, many years.

I have now become much more assertive, more determined, more stubborn, and more aware of the passage of time, and as I calculate how much of it I have left, I have made a firm decision not to waste one moment of it.

I’m physically healthy, even though, I have not practiced a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to just add years to life, I want to add life to years. No thanks to prolonged misery.

For a long time, people compliment me that I have aged gracefully. However, I hate myself so strongly and deeply that I want to die. Why? I actually gained too much weight (over 10 lbs just last 7 months suddenly. 20 lbs prior to that, it happened gradually). I feel like fat f**king ugly pig! I think this is caused by binge eating and frequently dine out. The retirement itself was/is a scary experience. You got to manage and balance time/money/health(energy) intricately. I think the reason I binge is in an attempt to numb sad, hopeless feelings. On the contrary, I do have “A positive attitude” it’s hiding just now.

P.S.  Thanks to my friend for a wonderful treat for my birthday.

pre‐old age  from 65 to 74 years
old age  over 75 years
super‐old  over 90 years
1/01/20: New Year celebration at friend’s house in San Jose, CA
1/02/20: Santa Cruz day trip
1/10/20: Master Class – Deborah Voigt, voice. SFCM
1/12/20: Opera Recital – Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen. Berkeley, CA
1/17/20: Master Class – Patricia Racette, voice. SFCM
1/20/20: My Birthday @ Claremont – Fairmont Hotel. Berkeley, CA
1/22/20: Movie “Just Mercy”. Pittsburg, CA
1/23/20: Dinner with a former associate. Concord, CA
1/24/20: Cancelled – LeAnn Rimes show – Postponed to 3/13. Campbell, CA
1/24/20: French Movie “The Intouchables” San Ramon, CA
1/30/20: Gen Korean BBQ House. San Jose, CA
1/31/20: Guided Elephant Seal Walks @ Año Nuevo State Park. Pescadero, CA

January Photo gallery

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