Injustice & Redemption

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February, Day of Remembrance – Documentary films

I’m enjoying the warm spring-like weather in February – although, I worry about not enough rain.
I’ve done my annual physical exam and I’m generally healthy.

SF and Bay Area is a multi-ethnicity/multi-cultural community. Strong support for Cultural preservation.
I go see many events year-round. This month, more serious side of events I went to see.
Those are about “Japanese American” lived in the Pacific coast during WW II.
One documentary film “Norman Mineta and His Legacy – An American Story” A son of immigrants and forced into a U.S. World War II concentration camp as a child, Norman Mineta became the first Asian American mayor of a major city (San Jose, California); leading to a distinguished 20-year career in Congress; the first Asian American Cabinet member, serving two U.S. Presidents, a Democrat and Republican.
I now understand why they (children of Japanese Americans) had to deep mental involvement in the So-called “American lifestyle.” (abandoning Japanese language and cultural practices by assimilating into American society.)
The following day, I went to see another event. Untold Stories “Crystal City Pilgrimage,” and  “Minidoka: An American Concentration Camp.”
I chatted with people while I was in line for the theatre door to open, one “Japanese-American” man corrected me that he is “American” He is right! He is third-generation, he is indeed American.
Anyway, racism is real, discrimination is real. Cultural hegemony concept that deals with the dominance of a particular ruling/dominant social group over other social groups in a culturally diverse society. I have a deep respect for people who involved those fine documentaries. A film about injustice, redemption, and a burning desire for all people to be treated equally.
2/01/20: Dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian – San Jose
2/04/20: MASTER CLASS: Robert Patterson, clarinet
2/07/20: Golf club banquet dinner
2/13/20: SF Ballet – Program 3 / Dance Innovations
2/14/20: Annual physical Checkup
2/16/20: Polyphonia, Music of the World. Presidio Theatre, SF
2/21/20: Norman Mineta documentary film screening. SF
2/22/20: Day of Remembrance.   SF
(Japanese internment camp prisoners remembered)
2/24/20: Get to the SFO around 10:30 pm
2/25/20: 12:30 am – Nonstop flights to Panama City, Panama

February Photo gallery


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