Philosophical Attitude

March – Philosophical Attitude

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I’d been complaining about my ruined Birthday in January. I think I have unresolved inner conflict. I need to “let it go…”

I read an article somewhere, It’s said ” Pipe City’s inhabitants are discouraged, lonely, filled with a terrible feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Some of them have learned that a philosophical attitude helps, to make concrete either soft or warm!”

What is Pipe City?
The story of Pipe City (from OMCA website Posted by Alexis Madrigal)
In the winter of 1932-1933, the Bay, like the rest of the country, was deep in the Depression. In cities across America, the homeless gathered into encampments. Oakland’s most famous was Pipe City also known as Miseryville. Roughly 200 men were allowed to live in sections of unused sewer pipes by the American Concrete and Steel Pipe Company.

The camp had a kind of underground government headed by an elected mayor, Dutch Jensen, who administered the area, distributing food and work, and preventing drinking, fighting, and “political” talk. Pipe City became a model for Upton Sinclair’s novel Co-Op: A Novel of Living Together and served as a launching pad for the Unemployed Exchange Association, a remarkable attempt to build a barter economy in Oakland.

At the end of the winter, the company who owned them found a buyer for the pipes, and the residents cleaned up and dispersed.

3/01/18: Drove 180 miles in the heavy storm
3/02/18: Took Cellphone private lesson
3/04/18: Volunteer to clean up the street
3/04/18: Oakland Museum of California
3/05/18: Lunch with my former BofA associate
3/06/18: A bone stuck in my throat, emergency hospital
3/08/18: SF Ballet. Frankenstein
3/18/18: Branden & James Concert
3/21/18: Fly to Tokyo from San Francisco

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February  Workout

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I start going to Planet Fitness, used my “DeskCycle – Bikepedal exerciser” at home, also start my own diet. I lost 7 lbs. My blood pressure went down.

2/04/18: SF Ballet. Sleeping Beauty
2/07/18: Visit Dentist. Fair Oaks
2/23/18: Senior Health Expo. Concord
2/27/18: Noontime Concert. SF
2/27/18: 49 Geary Art Galleries. SF
2/27/18: Venus de Milo sculpture. SF

Photo Gallery – February 2018 events of everyday life

Worst Birthday month ever!

January  2018

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Worst Birthday month ever!

Why everything is so messed up, this month? I didn’t have a joyous time celebrating my Birthday because it was completely ruined.

I have been complaining that how fat I am becoming. I planned to take Weight Management Program Liquid Fasting, average a weight loss of 3-5 pounds per week, (Hmm,  ) is tempting, seducing, luring.
I don’t know how I can stick to strict diet regimen for a long time. It cost around $5,000. However, I must go to Japan for 2 weeks in Spring, I cannot participate 9 to 12-month program. Instead, I joined Planet Fitness Gym and I bought a “deskciycle” exerciser for myself. Right now, I cannot go to the GYM, cannot use “deskcycle”, too much body aches. Almost, my cold (upper respiratory infection) is over.

I accomplished travel plan while I was sick
1) Purchased Non-stop round trip ticket
2) Hotel reservations completed (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagano)
3) Booked Snow Monkeys tour in Nagano
4) Identified things to see and do (plus admissions, distances)
5) Figured out all details of transportations (lines, timetables, fares)
6) Looking forward to seeing family/relatives

1/01/18: Japanese Tea Garden -Golden Gate Park, SF
It is traditional for Japanese people to visit a shrine or a temple during New Year’s holidays.
1/19/18: Birthday Dinner
1/20/18: Didn’t go to College Basketball game
1/21/18: Cancelled “Gala of the Royal Horses”
1/24/18: Annual Wellness check-up visit

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Bid farewell to 2017

December  2017

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Family in Japan
My elder sister passed away in September 2017 in Japan. She was a powerful matriarch of the family. She focused on family loyalty and traditional achievement all her life. I was the second daughter, spoiled but not much of attention, with a feeling of exclusion. My sister ordered all family members to not to communicate with me. Finally, she is dead. I have no tears to shed for her. I received emails from my youngest brother a few days ago. It was very sad to find out so many relatives passed away, one died under mysterious circumstances. I feel the transience of life. I determined to live “this moment.”

I need to go back to Japan in Spring to meet with family lawyers and judicial scriveners. My sister disowned and disinherited me after both my parents passed away. It’s very complicated story with unusual family situations and her legal manipulations.

a reason for being
My life in SF & Bay Area – so far, so good. I had a good travel companion this year.
I do have the mental torment of not having “i-ki-ga-i” ( (ee-kee-gah-ee) means “a reason for being” or “to have a purpose in life.”
I like to feel that my life is worth living. There are people whose lives are meaningful even though they may not be very happy. Therefore, HAPPINESS does not always equate with IKIGAI.

 12/03/17: Horse race & Lunch at Turf Club Golden Gate Fields Complimentary invitation from the executive.
12/04/17: SF City Hall “World Tree of Hope”

12/12/17: Steve Martin’s “Bright Star” musical at Curran Theatre SF
12/13/17: Movie: Murder on the Orient Express
12/16/17: Disney’s “Aladdin,” the hit Broadway musical
12/20/17: SF Ballet Nutcracker
12/27/17: Black & White Ball at local venue
12/31/17: New Year’s Eve Bell-Ringing Asian Art Museum

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November  2017

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They say the only certain thing in life is uncertainty

I rather not write it because of a private matter.

Thanksgiving Day
I spent wonderful Thanksgiving Day at friend’s house this year. We prepared everything from scratch except pecan and pumpkin pies. A brined turkey (soaked in a salt+spices water for days before cooking.) was delicious. Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows. Pecan Pie melted in my mouth. Richard, thank you for the invitation. I had a great time with your family.

Celebrate a harvest and to give thanks
In Japan, “Labor Thanksgiving Day” is a national holiday which takes place annually on November 23. A day to show gratitude to any working person, thanking them for their diligence and laborious efforts. So, it’s similar date and name to “Thanksgiving Day” in the US. Therefore, people equate these two as same.
I don’t think they are the same. “Thanksgiving Day” in the US is to celebrate a harvest and to give thanks. It is more similar to Japan’s “Harvest Moon Festival.” “Tsukimi” literally moon-viewing, also known as Jugoya. My mother cooked dinner incorporate all seasonal ingredients. Steamed newly harvested Rice with Gingko Nuts, Chestnuts, Matsutake mushrooms. Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Croquettes, Salt-Grilled Sanma (Pacific saury.) We place offerings (any seasonal fruits/veggie – for the moon) on the window sill. It’s a rather quiet and solemn manner. Very poetic.
You can visit Google Doodle about it. The story of the rabbit who lives on the moon.

11/03/17: Chabot Space & Science Center – $5 First Fridays night
11/04/17: Golden Gate Fields Horse racing – Breeders’ Cup Turf Club Package
11/12/17: SF Civic Symphony – @ Herbst Theater – Mozart to Mendelssohn
11/12/17: My friend Trudie’s sister Rose’s Big 6-0 B-Day
11/16/17: SF Opera “Manon” music by Jules Massenet
11/23/17: Thanksgiving Dinner at friend’s house
11/26/17: 49ers vs. Seahawks American Football game

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Mexico-Riviera Cruise

October  2017

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(1) Mexico-Riviera Cruise
I had a voucher for this cruise from my last year Hawaii cruise. I Love Cruises. Pampered life. I wish I could live on the ship. Some wealthy seniors do.
Here is a quote by Annie Ilonzeh: Being pampered is great, but sometimes I like to do those things myself because it’s a little therapeutic and gives me some downtime for myself – and I need that.
I enjoyed every port of call. I would like to go back to Cabo San Lucas for more outdoor adventure activities. I loved everything about the ship. Great foods, fantastic entertainments, activities, relaxation etc.,
Isn’t it wonderful to go World cruise? It’s very steep lowest $22k to $45k for 100+ days – average $25K to $65K (ouch!!! my Bucket List)

(2) Verdi’s “La Traviata” – SF Opera Conductor Nicola’s Final day
He’s such a great conductor. He continues to be busy. He has engagements with Metropolitan Opera, Madrid’s Teatro Real, London’s Royal Opera, Covent Garden. In December, Nicola Luisotti will conduct the Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala at Carnegie Hall.
I will definitely come see him if/when he comes to SF Opera as a guest conductor.

(3) I like dress-up
There are plenty of people out there with a profound love for opera as a living art form. Some have a deep intellectual appreciation for the subtleties of the music. I enjoy mostly atmosphere. I don’t have much of knowledge. The opera house is a beautiful, elegant building. Why not take advantage to have an occasion to play dress-up? For me, it felt right to be dressed up. I do receive many compliments when I dressed-up. I’m nobody however people love to take pictures with me. That’s compliments. Can you wear jeans? Sure. Should you wear jeans? No.

(4) The deadly wildfires that have ravaged Northern California
It was devastating news. It’s so close to SF bay area. I can smell the smoke. I really felt heartaches for those wildfire victims. > Fire began Oct. 8 > 200,000 acres have burned in Wine Country. Another 36,000 acres have burned farther north in Mendocino county > 42 death toll > 8,400 structures destroyed > 11 destroyed wineries >> Since October, Cal Fire has battled 250 new wildfires statewide >>11,000 firefighters across the state—including 3,800 inmate volunteers

(5) Pneumonia shot
I had a Flu shot. Also, I had a pneumonia shot. All adults 65 years or older should get a pneumonia shot.

10/01/17: Cruise – Port of Los Angeles
10/02/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/03/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/04/17: Cruise – Puerto Vallarta
10/05/17: Cruise – Mazatlan
10/06/17: Cruise – Cabo San Lucas
10/07/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/08/17: Cruise – Port of Los Angeles
10/13/17: Donation for Wine Country wildfires
10/13/17: Flu shot & Pneumonia shot
10/17/17: SF Opera “LA TRAVIATA”
10/25/17: de Young Museum – new exhibit ‘Teotihuacan’
10/25/17: 16th Avenue Tiled Steps
10/27/17: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Photo Gallery – October 2017 events of everyday life

Opera Opera

September  2017

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(1) Opera Season Opening Night
SF Opera – Season Opening night was fantastic. I wore a Chinese inspired standing collar cloth and small tiara because TURANDOT is a princess in Beijing.
I enjoyed Opera itself (didnot disappoint me at all) and honoring Music Director Nikola was great.

I have seen Puccini’s TURANDOT at the Forbidden City Beijing 1998 Multi Lang. In Cc [Etcohod] on YouTube. It was Zhang Yimou’s production. You should see it. It’s extraordinary.
Also, Turandot, live from The Royal Opera House on YouTube. NewYork Met Opera’s Turandot will be playing in October & November. Set Designed by Franco Zeffirelli production. It’s a gorgeous set.

(2) Did you know what is PARK(ing) Day?
PARK(ing) Day is the third Friday in September! PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers, and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

(3) New RV Camping Trip (first-timers)
My friend & I did RV camping on US Hwy 395 Destination Manzanar Internment Camp.
It was a good experience. Water & electricity hookup didn’t work right first night at Mono Lake. It was only one blanket to sleep. I wore 6 layered clothes, even put bath towel and curtains over my body. Following morning, we bought blankets at Mammoth Lakes. The McGee Creek RV Park employee “Steve” was a godsend to us. He took a lot of time to help to fix and explaining numerous problems. Thanks to him, we slept well. Also, my friend Richard. he did everything by himself. Sorry I couldn’t help. Overall, we had a good trip anyway.

(4) My sister (unexpectedly) passed away on Sept. 25.

(5) Getting ready for Mexican Riviera Cruise

9/02/17: SF Shakes Hamlet at Presidio
9/08/17: Opera opening night Turandot
9/10/17: Opera in the Park – Golden Gate Park
9/14/17: Rolex Big Boats Series – St. Francis Yacht Club
9/14/17: Concord Music and Market
9/14/17: artwork of Sush Machida – Consulate General of Japan
9/15/17: PARK(ing) Day – Bandaloop Performance | Oakland
9/21/17: RV Camping – Mono Lake
9/22/17: RV Camping – McGee Creek, Mammoth Lakes
9/23/17: RV Camping – Visited Manzanar
9/25/17: My sister (unexpectedly) passed away on 9/25/17
9/30/17: Drive to LA for Mexican cruise

Photo Gallery – September 2017 events of everyday life