Brotherly Love

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May & June – Brotherly Love

My brother Kanji and his wife Kazuko came to see me on 5/24/2019 for two weeks vacation.

Dear Kanji & Kazuko – Thank you:
I don’t have much of memory of him. Kanji is 7 years my junior, also I left home when I was 15 to enter a boarding High School.
However, we had a lot to talk about our childhood. Nostalgia, yes, that’s it. a sentimental longing for the past with happy personal associations.
He cut my big tree branch that growing over to the next door with a tiny saw. Also, money for four new tires to buy. He told me that I should make sure to check my brakes and tires.
Kazuko has strong “Compassionate heart” She always thinks and cares about/for other people. I had to tell her a hundred time to become “a little selfish” I know she is not going to change.

They brought the following gifts: (Kazuko-san Arigatou):

  • Their heart and thought in a jumbo-sized paper card with embroidered contents
  • Foods – She knows I don’t like to cook. She got bunch of ready-to-eat foods
  • Japanese style hand towels (I requested)
  • Noragi (Samurais and the cultural elite wore silk while farmers wore Noragi jackets)
  • Painkillers (Loxoprofen Sodium Tape 100 mg) for my back injury
  • Newspaper EXTRA (4/30/2019 Japanese emperor in two centuries to abdicate)
  • Presents for my Grandson

I was cranky in the evening due to my back. Kazuko-san, I am very sorry I was so irritable.

Just two weeks stay are not long enough, I wish they stayed at least three or four weeks. I Hope There’s a Next Time.
I love you both. Wish you a happy and healthy life ahead!

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!
5/02/19: My primary doctor appointment for my backache
5/04/19: A Washlet Installed
5/06/19: Fixed my car’s Paint transfer
5/09/19: Free movie CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF Orinda Theatre
5/10/19: Launch at Stanford Restaurant in WC
5/16/19: Appointment  with MD. My Blood Pressure is 120 – 90 Good.
5/17/19: Mammogram
5/24/19: My brother & his wife from Japan arrived
5/25/19: Shopping around Union Square & Westfield Mall
5/26/19: SF Carnaval Grand Parade
5/27/19: SF Presidio. Memorial Day Commemoration
5/27/19: SF Presidio. The Walt Disney Family Museum
5/27/19: Golden Gate Bridge
5/27/19: Palace of Fine Arts
5/28/19: Shopping at Union Sq, Japantown
5/29/19: They went SF by themselves
5/30/19: They went to Las Vegas & Grand Canyon
5/31/19: I enjoyed Brasas Do Brazil Churrascaria steakhouse
6/01/19: They got back from Vegas/G. Canyon
6/02/19: Shopping at North Face in Berkeley
6/03/19: They went to Yosemite day-tour
6/04/19: We went to Golden Gate Park
6/05/19: We went to see SF Opera “Carmen”
6/06/19: We enjoyed steak dinner at home
6/07/19: My guests left for Japan

I forgot to mention that many friends, acquaintances, and neighbors helped me to prepare my house for welcoming my relatives. Also, when I hurt my back. Thank you, everyone… 

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Fall from a ladder

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April – Fall from a ladder

Life is what it is.
We face the same routine every day.
There are some wonderful or unpleasant events happen from time to time.
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
I had to face acute (shooting or stubbing) back pain, I try my best to think positive to overcome fear and pain.
It’s all “Philosophical Attitude” and help of pain killer plus muscles relaxer.

One most precious thing happened this month.
I was able to see/hold/hug my grandson. His name is Sebastian, 3-month-old. He is so cute and good baby. He smiled at me many times. I am not good with men, however, all the babies and dogs love me so much.

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!
4/05/19: SF City Hall Rotunda Dance Series: Simorgh Dance Collective (Iranian)
4/05/19: Spring Home & Landscape Show Concord, CA
4/07/19: Art, Music & Mortality: An Artist Talk with Patrick Hayashi. Emeryville, CA
4/09/19: Musical “Falsettos’ at Golden Gate Theatre, SF
4/12/19: Musical: The Fantasticks @ SF Conservatory of Music
4/20/19: Went to see my Grandson, Roseville, CA
4/21/19: Grand parade – Cherry Blossom Japantown, SF
4/21/19: Piano Recital – SF Conservatory of Music
4/22/19: Injured in a ladder fall, Kaiser Emergency, Walnut Creek
4/30/19: Giants-Dodgers Baseball game at Oracle Park, SF


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March – Frustrated

I was frustrated because of inability to change or achieve something. Something that’s so simple.

I have been dealing with iPage web hosting and domain registration company. I wanted to cancel/to delete everything includes my web files and domain. It was easy to cancel hosting from Account Central, however, Domain Central was a different story. Click Disable Domain Privacy. But, there was no disable button.
I communicated with iPage support team via text-chat at the same time my friend talked over the phone. Next day, I got the same confirmation Email saying my files are deleted, but they will keep my domain in “Domain Parking” and will charge me. Same things went on for several days. Then, my neighbor and I did the same. It took three more days to finally delete my domain. Total of 3 weeks dealing with iPage Customer support. Unbelievable.

Minor car accident:
I had a minor car accident with an unoccupied parked car at a parking lot while backing up. My car scraped the adjacent car. No Injuries.

It was my carelessness and stupidity. I reported to my insurance company. I try to create an account on the company’s website. But I never got a temporary password.
I lost my Clipper card (I think when I was exchanging info with another party when the accident occurred. It must have been slipped on the ground from my purse. I try to report “lost card” online. However, there is only “Cancel” bottom, no “Submit” I had to go to customer services center at Enbarcadero.
I noticed my Driver License has expired 2 months ago. I never got a courtesy renewal notice from DMV. I got panicked. I jumped out to the street and hitchhiked to nearest DMV. I didn’t browse the DMV website nor study “Driver Handbook”.
Of course, I didn’t prepare anything to take a Driver License test. No appointment made.
1) I studied the Driver Handbook while standing in the queue.
2) Fill out basic info (your basic identity) in touch screen Computer.
3) Class C Renewal Pay a nonrefundable application fee $36
4) Give a fingerprint scan.
5) Vision test.
6) Have your photograph taken.
7) Pass the knowledge test. I passed.
8) Received an interim DL.
9) A few days later, I get my new photo DL in the mail.

Next problem was that I must submit a Trafic accident report to DMV within 10 days if either one of them has over $1,000 damage. I turned down my claim from my insurance Co. So, my damage is ZERO. I sent Email to another person for her cost of repair. If her cost exceeds $1,000 then I must report to DMV. But, she hasn’t taken care with her agent. So, even my cost is ZERO, I submitted a report to DMV to protect myself (don’t want a license to be suspended).

SF Ballet:
Program 6 “Space Between” is a triple bill. I really wanted to see “Bjork Ballet”. This work is visually interesting.” I was feeling dizziness so bad during the second intermission. So, I had to leave the theatre and I didn’t see “Bjork Ballet”. “Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes” was all male dancers and “Die Toteninsel” was choreographed by Liam Scarlett, I saw his “Frankenstein” last year.

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

3/01/19: Annual Physical Exam
3/06/19: Movie: Green Book and dinner
3/16/19: Bad day, I hit another car – stupidity
3/19/19: Driver License test
3/23/19: 2018 Taxes filing completed
3/29/19: SF Ballet “Space Between”


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Gloomy February

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Gloomy February

I’m glad February is finally over. We had cold days and a lot of rains this month. I must admit that I get depressed so easily in Winter. My hearing loss is so severe I avoid making friends. So, I hardly spoke English. My intimate conversation is with myself – into my inner world – my needs, passions, hardships, and a unique view of the world. I’m so flattered when a man shows interest in me. However, I’m not a good companion to anybody. Having good communication is most important in a relationship. My impaired ability to communicate with other people – that is a deal breaker. Aging – that is another factor, decrease my self-esteem and confidence.

What did I do this month?

  1. I have a few wonderful acquaintances and enjoyed nice dinners. Thanks to them.
  2. This month entertainment was: Kodo @ UC Berkeley, Caleidoscope @ UC Berkeley, Lunar New Year, Hip-hop and Salsa @ Yoshi’s, Black History Month @ Presidio, SF Chamber Orchestra, SF Ballet “Kaleidoscope” triple bill.
  3. Movies: Classic Movie at Orinda Theatre. “What Men Want” & “The UPSIDE” Senior discount $4.50 @ Maya Theatre.

Around the house:

  1. I painted a small section of the living room wall.
  2. Organizing & cleaning my Kitchen.
  3. I squatted down and pulled at the weeds with all my might. All day, many hours. Ache all over my body.
Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!
2/02/19: Kodo: One Earth Tour: Evolution @ Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley
2/05/19: Dinner @ Casa Orinda
2/08/19: Caleidoscope @ Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley
2/10/19: Lunar New Year Celebration @Oakland Asian Cultural Center
2/11/19: Gambizi and Dos Four @ Yoshi’s Oakland
2/13/19: Dinner @ Black Angus Steakhouse
2/14/19: Classic Movie “Love in the Afternoon” @ Orinda Theatre
2/17/19: Presidio Chapel concert, “Where Freedom Rings”
2/20/19: “What Men Want” & “The UPSIDE” $4.50 Senior discount
2/22/19: SF Chamber Orchestra Concert: “A Night at the Opera”
2/23/19: SF Ballet ‘Kaleidoscope’ Triple-Bill Programs
2/24/19: Dog sitting for next 2 weeks
2/27/19: Cancelled/deleted my personal website from iPage hosting


Photo Gallery – February 2019 events of everyday life



Happy Birthday to me

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January – Happy Birthday!

I celebrated my Birthday at Alice Waters’ acclaimed flagship Chez Panisse in Berkeley on 20th January 2019. Nothing fancy yet gives you warm, intimate and comfortable feeling. You never forget the taste of whatever you eat here, I cannot explain it in English.
As you know about the demise of dress codes nowadays. I wore Kimono because I’m a birthday girl.

  1. There is a newborn baby boy aka Grandson. Born at 2:46 AM on 1/09/2019 (Wed) – Sebastian Max Wilson. 7 pounds, 10 ounces – Mother and baby are doing well.
    To Tina & Robert “Warmest congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby boy!”
    This baby already has a wonderful live-in Grandma in Roseville, I live 90 miles away but I hope to be a part of Baby’s life as he grows.
  2. I received a Facebook friend request from my nephew’s wife. I’m happy about reconnecting with her. The first time I met her was when I visited Japan last year. Perhaps we will not meet again.
  3. I know the most promising SF Ballet dancer Norika Matsuyama. She danced “Cupid” in Don Quixote opening night program. During intermission, I was in the auditorium. Two women approached me and said, “‘I read your blog.” I’ve never met them before. Oh my gosh, They are Norika’s mother (flew here from Japan yesterday) and sister (Engineering student in LA.) I Was Too Shocked and Stunned, and my brain blanked out momentarily. It was my pleasure to meet both of you. I have a special respect for Norika’s mother for raising fine daughters.
Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

1/05/19: 48th Annual Oshogatsu Matsuri (Japanese New Year Festival)
1/06/19: BCCO – The Spectre’s Bride: Antonin Dvorak’s Cantata, Op.69
1/09/19: My first Grandson arrived
1/12/19: Asian Art Museum Mochi pounding. SF, CA
1/13/19: Foreign Film – Becoming Astrid (2018 – Sweden)
1/17/19: ‘Paint Nite’ event in Concord
1/18/19: Patricia Racette. Master Class – SF Conservatory of Music
1/20/19: Birthday at famed restaurant Chez Panisse. Berkeley, CA
1/25/19: SF Ballet Don Quixote – Opening night
1/26/19: Paper Moon In Concert. Vallejo, CA
1/27/19: SF Civic Symphony Winter Concert 3:00 PM
1/27/19: Telegraph Quartet Mozart Birthday Celebration Concert 7:30 PM
1/30/19: Movie ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ Maya theatre
1/30/19: Movie ‘The Upside’ Maya theatre


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2018 – Solitary life

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December – Solitary life
I’ve been living a solitary life too long – (I’m not trying to achieve elevated states of spiritual purity – I’m not a monk.) By nature, we’re social beings – So I go out alone and be near people. And, I’m good at that.
Well, So far, I’m doing fine. I aged well, presentable in public even though I had a lot of stress in my life (people tell me I look good – haha. maybe it’s an obligatory compliment. Didn’t mean a thing.) I didn’t have a single date entire year. I must change that.

I hear retiree saying “what am I going to do the next 30 years.” Who knows, many live close to 100 with Cognitive (dementia), and physical impairments. Me? Forget about the next 30 years. I’m concentrating “at this moment” to next 3 to 5 years.

My advice to myself is “self-love”. I may be insecure or hateful about myself from time to time. I deserve love and respect just like everyone else – You must agree with me on this 🙂

Life flows like a river, yet my personal life hadn’t changed much. I had a bitter encounter with my own family this month. On the other hand, so many kindnesses I received from my neighbors and community – Love, that is.

A young man asked me, “If you could get a present from Santa what would it be?” My answer will be courage & virtues.
I wish he would give me the courage so I can challenge my bucket lists. From Road trip on Hwy 1 coastal to travel around the world. I’ll take the risk in the year 2019, however, gingerly.

Experiences – that is important to me. Good or Bad. Taking down protective walls, test my vulnerability. It will whip me hard emotionally, mentally and physically. I need that to feel “alive”.  It’s scary but I think worth it.

I really, really hope some good change happen in my life. So, I can say “How strange life is.”

Thank you for reading, being alone on Holiday Seasons and thick winter’s fog (sunny today) made me write this rants. My apology to readers – I’m kind of depressed, my blog is nothing like a feel-good movie. It’s wrong to sugar-coat, just for sake of reader’s acceptance.

My Best of 2018 (1) Trip to Japan. (2) had fostered a lovely dog for 4 months (3) 15-day Hawaiian cruise

  Note: To Mr. Not-a-liberal-elitist. He wrote to me on Dec. 7: Today is Pearl Harbor day. The day the Japanese cowardly attacked my beloved country. Also, I’ve been discriminated against because “I’M WHITE”
OK, here is “My two cents” for him: Roses are red, Violets are blue, There’s always an Asian, Better than you. 😉

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

12/04/18: SF Opera – It’s a Wonderful Life
12/08/18: Baby shower – Roseville, CA
12/15/18: Winter Ball – Pittsburg, CA
12/18/18: Photo shoots – Golden Gate Park, SF
12/22/18: Woodminster Cascade in Joaquin Miller Park – Oakland, CA
12/26/18: Black & White Ball – Walnut Creek, CA
12/29/18: SF Ballet – Nutcracker

Photo Gallery – December 2018 events of everyday life

Poorest president

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Jose Mujica: The world’s “poorest” president

Can we exchange Donald Trump to Jose Mujica ???

I was impressed by a speech made by Jose Mujica president of Uruguay September 2013 United Nations General Assembly 68th Session. I want to shout – What a man! What a mighty good man!
Please, see UN Page.
Uruguay | H.E. Mr. Jose Mujica, President | September 2013 (68th Session)
{click link below to open in new page}

Here is his interview videos on YouTube:

Jose Mujica – I earn more than I need

Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica lives in a ramshackle farmhouse and gives away 90% of his salary.

President Obama’s Bilateral Meeting with President Mujica of Uruguay

I love Obama, however, I was disappointed because he said was typical politician talk. Obama said that two countries developed an as strong relationship, trade & commerce has expanded, etc., etc, He failed to say any specific contents. Mujica appealed that Uruguay needs teachers, advanced skilled professionals from the U.S.  I wish I can volunteer someway, however, I have no skill. Perdón, pero no hablo español.

Things happened around me in November:

  • I got back from a wonderful Hawaii Vacation on Nov. 8th. I enjoyed the solo cruise. I’ll do that again.
  • I returned the foster dog to my son just before my vacation, my son found a new home for this dog. I miss him very much.
  • California faced Deadly fires started on Nov. 8th Camp Fire in NorCal and Woolsley Fire in SoCal. Thank God, rain started on 21st. The fire reached 100% containment after 17 days on November 25, 2018. The fire caused at least 88 civilian fatalities, also 196 still missing. 18,804 building was lost. How displaced people going to face this holiday season and cold winter. Unimaginable!!!
Note: I’m looking for travel companions. Male/Female (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now! Steve Jobs Quotes “Life is brief, and then you die,” That will dramatically shift my Mindset.

11/01/18: Lahaina. The road to Hana tour, Halloween
11/02/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/03/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/04/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/05/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/06/18: At Sea. 4:00 PM Arrived at Ensenada, Mexico
11/07/18: At Sea. along the west coast of Calif.
11/08/18: At 7:00 AM San Francisco. Disembarkation
11/08/18: Camp Fire in Butte County, Northern California
11/09/18: Smoke haze drifting over the Bay Area from the Camp Fire
11/10/18: Contemporary dance at Green Room, SF
11/10/18: Pier 39 Firework
11/13/18: Bad air, I got a cold
11/19/18: Pay it forward: cleaning up our streets and sidewalk
11/22/18: Thankful for rain’s help in battling “Camp Fire” and “Woolsey Fire” blaze
11/24/18: Guitars not Guns Annual FundRaiser
11/28/18: Taylor Mac’s HOLIDAY SAUCE at Curran Theatre

Photo Gallery – November 2018