Panama Vacation

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Panama Vacation Feb.25 ~ Mar.4  2020

Best known for the Panama Canal, rich rain forests. … Panama City is a city of easy cosmopolitan living, a combination of the historic and the ultra-modern. So many things are fascinating. People are nice too. You’ll see mostly white people on their TV and Advertizements. However, the reality is I saw mostly dark-skinned people. There is Panamanian mestizo (mixed race, especially one having Spanish and indigenous descent) and  Afro Panamanian (of African descent.)
Panama City, Panama is beautiful, and I can have everything I need. The only thing I don’t like is the 7-8 month rainy season.
Panama! Thanks for your kind hospitality.


Planned Travel Itinerary

Panama Vacation Photo Gallery

Panama Nature

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Panama Vacation – Nature

Beautiful rainforest and animals in the wild. Capuchin monkeys are greedy but very cute.   I took pictures of Panama’s nature, such as animals, flowers, and trees mostly around Gamboa Rainforest Reserve. Monkey Islands are fascinating, Ride the aerial tram,  after that visited the sloth sanctuary, the butterfly house, orchid nursery and frog habitat, which contained poison dart frogs. We are not young, so we did limited adventure. It worth it to be in nature.

Panama nature Photo gallery


Injustice & Redemption

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February, Day of Remembrance – Documentary films

I’m enjoying the warm spring-like weather in February – although, I worry about not enough rain.
I’ve done my annual physical exam and I’m generally healthy.

SF and Bay Area is a multi-ethnicity/multi-cultural community. Strong support for Cultural preservation.
I go see many events year-round. This month, more serious side of events I went to see.
Those are about “Japanese American” lived in the Pacific coast during WW II.
One documentary film “Norman Mineta and His Legacy – An American Story” A son of immigrants and forced into a U.S. World War II concentration camp as a child, Norman Mineta became the first Asian American mayor of a major city (San Jose, California); leading to a distinguished 20-year career in Congress; the first Asian American Cabinet member, serving two U.S. Presidents, a Democrat and Republican.
I now understand why they (children of Japanese Americans) had to deep mental involvement in the So-called “American lifestyle.” (abandoning Japanese language and cultural practices by assimilating into American society.)
The following day, I went to see another event. Untold Stories “Crystal City Pilgrimage,” and  “Minidoka: An American Concentration Camp.”
I chatted with people while I was in line for the theatre door to open, one “Japanese-American” man corrected me that he is “American” He is right! He is third-generation, he is indeed American.
Anyway, racism is real, discrimination is real. Cultural hegemony concept that deals with the dominance of a particular ruling/dominant social group over other social groups in a culturally diverse society. I have a deep respect for people who involved those fine documentaries. A film about injustice, redemption, and a burning desire for all people to be treated equally.
2/01/20: Dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian – San Jose
2/04/20: MASTER CLASS: Robert Patterson, clarinet
2/07/20: Golf club banquet dinner
2/13/20: SF Ballet – Program 3 / Dance Innovations
2/14/20: Annual physical Checkup
2/16/20: Polyphonia, Music of the World. Presidio Theatre, SF
2/21/20: Norman Mineta documentary film screening. SF
2/22/20: Day of Remembrance.   SF
(Japanese internment camp prisoners remembered)
2/24/20: Get to the SFO around 10:30 pm
2/25/20: 12:30 am – Nonstop flights to Panama City, Panama

February Photo gallery


74 = Pre-old age

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January, New year and my Birthday

I celebrated my 74th Birthday this month. I’m not in the so-called “old age” yet (???). It’s true, I’m over a chronological age of 65. The 65, “senior” in legislation, the term applies to the age at which pensions, social security, and medical benefits for the elderly become available.

Last 30 years, the phenomenon of “rejuvenation” has been seen in which the appearance of changes in physical function as a result of aging, including gait speed and grip strength, have been delayed many, many years.

I have now become much more assertive, more determined, more stubborn, and more aware of the passage of time, and as I calculate how much of it I have left, I have made a firm decision not to waste one moment of it.

I’m physically healthy, even though, I have not practiced a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to just add years to life, I want to add life to years. No thanks to prolonged misery.

For a long time, people compliment me that I have aged gracefully. However, I hate myself so strongly and deeply that I want to die. Why? I actually gained too much weight (over 10 lbs just last 7 months suddenly. 20 lbs prior to that, it happened gradually). I feel like fat f**king ugly pig! I think this is caused by binge eating and frequently dine out. The retirement itself was/is a scary experience. You got to manage and balance time/money/health(energy) intricately. I think the reason I binge is in an attempt to numb sad, hopeless feelings. On the contrary, I do have “A positive attitude” it’s hiding just now.

P.S.  Thanks to my friend for a wonderful treat for my birthday.

pre‐old age  from 65 to 74 years
old age  over 75 years
super‐old  over 90 years
1/01/20: New Year celebration at friend’s house in San Jose, CA
1/02/20: Santa Cruz day trip
1/10/20: Master Class – Deborah Voigt, voice. SFCM
1/12/20: Opera Recital – Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen. Berkeley, CA
1/17/20: Master Class – Patricia Racette, voice. SFCM
1/20/20: My Birthday @ Claremont – Fairmont Hotel. Berkeley, CA
1/22/20: Movie “Just Mercy”. Pittsburg, CA
1/23/20: Dinner with a former associate. Concord, CA
1/24/20: Cancelled – LeAnn Rimes show – Postponed to 3/13. Campbell, CA
1/24/20: French Movie “The Intouchables” San Ramon, CA
1/30/20: Gen Korean BBQ House. San Jose, CA
1/31/20: Guided Elephant Seal Walks @ Año Nuevo State Park. Pescadero, CA

January Photo gallery

Palm Springs

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Palm Springs getaway

We choose what we value, either consciously or unconsciously.
living the life you want.

Today, mostly cloudy. I always associated cold and gloomy winter to “unhappiness.”
I’m a septuagenarian, coming to grips with the real finality of my age and my impermanence in time.
As I have always said, “carpe diem – live in the moment.”  That’s my philosophy. A year ago, I said “I’ll take the risk in the year 2019, however, gingerly.” and I did. . .
I’m lucky to travel with a person who understands the meaning of check-off bucket lists.
We went to Palm Springs this month, comfortable weather, beautifully manicured cities, many golf courses, and country clubs.
I enjoyed Hot Air Balloon ride and The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.
Fred, I can’t thank you enough.

Palm Springs Trip Dec 6-14

Times are guesstimates and will change according to interest.

Depart Pittsburg
Quality Inn Bakersfield  Check-in   200 Union Av. Bakersfield
➤7:30 pm ShowtimeRock N Holidays Ovation Theater 1622 19th St. 
Depart–Check out Bakersfield
Arrive Knights Inn Palm Springs  1450 South Palm Canyon Drive
Living Desert – Wildlights 6 pm-9 pm  47900 Portola Ave, Palm Desert
Festival of Lights Parade South Palm Canyon Drive 
Street Fair at College of the Desert   43500 Monterey Ave, Palm Desert
➤2:00 pm King and I Palm Canyon Theater  538 N. Palm Canyon Dr
Walk of Stars
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway  1 Tram Way, Palm Springs
Downtown Palm Springs (stroll, to see & to do)
Depart to Perris Airport for Hot Air Balloon Perris Airport L65
Robolights 1077 E Granvia Valmonte, Palm Springs
Depart to the Salton Sea (100225 State Park Rd, Mecca) I-10, CA-111
Rancho Mirage Observatory    CA-111
JW Marriott Desert Springs Country Club Dr, Palm Desert
Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Gardens  72-567 Hwy-111 Palm Desert
Palm Springs Art Museum   72-567 Hwy-111 Palm Desert
Coachella Valley Vista Point  Hwy-74 Palm Desert
Joshua Tree National Park     Palm Springs
Village Fest 4-10 pm 100 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs
Depart–Check out Palm Springs
Bakersfield– Check-in
➤6:00 pm A Christmas Story Star Theater Restaurant (Dinner & show)
1931 Chester Ave Bakersfield 
Depart–Check out Bakersfield
Harris Ranch Restaurant (Lunch) 24505 W Dorris Ave, Coalinga, CA
Arrive  Pittsburg 

12/06/19: Off to vacation! Palm Springs, CA
12/14/19: Return home from Palm Springs
12/19/19: SF Ballet “Nut Crackers”
12/23/19: Bethlehem A.D. – A living Christmas. Redwood City, CA
12/24/19: Monterey, CA
12/24/19: Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
12/24/19: Fantasy of Lights Drive-thru. Los Gatos, CA
12/25/19: Christmas in the Park, San Jose, CA
12/28/19: Visit my Grandson. Roseville, CA


Photo Gallery – December events of everyday life



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*** Random Act of Kindness
11/19/19: I was in deep trouble in an unfamiliar location in the evening. My purpose was to pick up “Free Bookshelf” in Pleasant Hill. I cannot read street signs in the dark. I had to get out of the car to read the signs. My iPhone is not working. I couldn’t find an address. After driving around for over one hour, I accidentally closed the door while car-key was still in the ignition. Now, I got locked out of my car.
I gathered my courage and knocked on the door of a stranger’s house. Expecting no one to answer the door for their own safety. Because we are told, “Don’t open that door if you don’t know the person knocking.”
Thankfully, Connie and her husband came out and helped me to find an address. Just 2 blocks away. Three of us arrived at Andrea’s house. Andrea and her husband came out and five of us trying to figure out how to handle this situation. Andrea’s husband loaded bookshelf (6’x3’x14″) onto his pickup truck. Meanwhile,  Connie called AAA Road services. We arrived where my car was parked. At the same time, AAA came and unlocked (used Connie’s insurance. Thanks, Connie). We were able to load a bookshelf into my station wagon. I got home. My friend from Los Gatos and my neighbor came over and helped me to unload bookshelf a couple of days later.
It was quite an adventure and a crazy evening. I am truly thankful for their kindness and compassion.

2) SF Opera MANON LESCAUT. Music by Puccini and Nicola Luisotti conducted the Italian version.
I wanted to see Nicola again. He is a former Music director & Conductor at SF Opera. He had a ten-year tenure.
I saw the French version MANON, Music by Massenet 2 years ago.

3) Found a dog
11/26/2019: I went for a walk. Found a dog with no collar, no ID tag, wandering down the street. What can I do to help? I knocked on the doors of several houses asking people who may know the owner of this dog. No luck. She was dirty, skinny (spine sticking out), hair loss and bad skin condition. I brought her to my house, fed her, gave her a bath, and a new sweater. I took to where I found her, attempted to locate the owner. Then heavy rain started pouring. I came home with this dog.

11/28/2019: This Dog’s owner came forward – He saw it on  So, I delivered her to where she belongs. It was a happy ending. It was a joyful experience for me that she made my house a home immediately. Follow me to the end of the earth. I miss her very much.

4) Santa Cruz trip
The quintessential California beach town of Santa Cruz!
Dinner at “FireFish” Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, Musical – Me and my girl, Seymour Marine Discovery Center, and The Mystery Spot. We did a slow coastal drive along West Cliff Drive in September.

5) 11/28/19: Thanksgiving Day
I spent time with my precious grandson in Roseville, CA. I’m very thankful for a healthy grandson and his parents. I’m very fortunate to have good people around me (relatives, friends, neighbors) Also encountered good samaritan strangers…

6) My stupidity –
My desktop and laptop both computers were dead on September 15. My friend kindly helped me to replace a hard drive, recovered most data – lost some. He installed Photoshop from my original DVD. I was wondering why I cannot compress pictures in the desired filesize and smooth surface. The problem was default file type GIF, which should be JPEG. I was wondering “why” for over two months then finally I googled the solution.  Oh, my stupidity  – I have to re-do editing again from scratch and save as JPEG/JPG format within next month. Right now, keep as GIF, so, it takes longer to download websites and bad image quality.  All pictures are still GIF format. Sorry about that.

Photo Gallery – November 2019