Opera, symphony, and all that jazz

March 13: Opera ‘La Traviata’


Livermore Valley Opera Presents: La Traviata by Verdi at Napa Valley Opera House.

I spend a little time at The Welcome Reception, then listened to a pre-performance lecture (which I cannot understand one word because of my hearing impairment).

Due to one-day performance, it was semi-staged . However, it was splendid performance.

I always cry last scene libretto where Violetta sings:

Alfredo, my beloved,
Take this picture of me
In happier days gone by
As a remembrance of her
Who loved you truly.

If some gentle maiden
In the springtime of her life
Should give to you her heart,
Let her be your wife, for such is my wish.

Give her this picture
And tell her it’s the gift of one
Who from heaven, amongst the angels,
Prays always for her and for you.

To coming home, I got lost. I took 80-East (Sacramento) instead of 80-West (San Francisco). Eventually, got home safely.

March 15: Symphony ‘Sky Above, Sea Below’


Oakland East Bay Symphony Presents: Sky Above, Sea Below at Paramount Theater Oakland

This program celebrating nature’s elements features 3 works of unparalleled instrumental and choral splendor!

Music Director Michael Morganconduct Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks, a brilliant work written to accompany a fireworks display in London’s Green Park.

Assistant Conductor Bryan Nies lead the Four Sea Interludes and Passacaglia from Benjamin Britten’s large-scale successful opera, Peter Grimes.

Oakland Symphony Chorus Music Director Lynne Morrow lead the orchestra and chorus in the sublime Fauré Requiem, featuring soloists Carrie Hennessey and Zachary Gordin


I have a wonderful longtime friend, David. He always sends me unique cards, and his email subject line is very clever. So I post two cards here. Why he calls me My Fair Lady? I wished to find someone like Professor Henry Higgins, because I hate my Japanese accent and I wanted to speak English properly. Since my accent is not Cockney, “My Fair Lady” is not helpful for me. In addition, my hearing impairment doesn’t help me to hear soft sounds. Anyway, when I have trouble pronouncing some word, frustrated, I sometimes recite “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” in perfect English. (I pretend I’m Eliza)  That’s why David calls me “My Fair Lady”.

March Photo Gallery



Today is 3/17/13. My neighbor Maria celebrated her late-husband’s 40th day after death (the soul’s final journey to Heaven) and St. Patrick’s Day at same time. A lot of foods. Maria said it is customary to celebrate commemorative Requiem Masses by some Filipino Catholics.

My word for this month is sen•si•bil•i•ty.


Spring is here! I have a few large trees in my backyard. As the trees bloom and the pollen gets airborne, because of the massive amounts of pollen they produce. I sweep ground every morning due to hundreds of spores drop per day. It is unbearable to spend relaxed time in backyard. So I tidied up my front yard. I rearranged bench and stepping-stones so that I can have a lovely view of delta. Sometimes, big ship, sailboats, and trains go by.

I have achy back from gardening – actually my whole body hurt terribly. I hope I have accomplished to give nice makeover Curb Appeal.