Different strokes?

April 2015

April. A lot of birds and bugs out now – I have millions of ants and spiders. I don’t know what to do with them.  Spring brings more activities than just yard work and night crawl. San Francisco Bay Area offer tons of indoor/outdoor events/activities accompanied by beautiful weather and scenery.

I kept myself busy with Arts, Culture, and Entertainments even in the winter. People tell me that I am so blessed to have Full of Life. Maybe so, I get a lot of attention wherever I go. I don’t know why, it doesn’t matter, I like it. By the way, I am not selfish, or self-centered, or egotistic at all.
However, when I am alone at night, my mood swings more sensitively. My brain seems to have auto recording of “I hate being fat.” I lament for not having a goal in my life. I am 69, for Christ’s sake!  I’m ratcheting down the short end of life’s stick.

Here is Shakespeare’s SONNET 73, first verse:
“That time of year thou may’st in me behold
When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,  . . . “
. . . Is this my state of mind? No, no, no, I must look forward to SPRING. . . My advice to myself is to look at this phase of my life as a journey and a new beginning to do things I have never done before instead of as a dreadful time of life. I’ll try “go after what I want.”

Okay, I try to be optimistic in life. Spring brings new hope. April, I took care my health related things. I did have all preventive screenings/tests. I am fine. Everything is okay. I have a good rapport with my primary physician and specialists. I had cataract surgery done on my left-eye  (I don’t need to do on my right-eye. Good vision).

I’d like to mention a man who is very unique, deliciously different persona. He is a blue-color worker. Yet, his writing is very intelligent more so than who hold masters and/or PhD degrees. He has sharp wit, good manners, big heart, and very intriguing. He does random acts of kindness spontaneously  (at first, I thought he was crazy.)
– –  What I want to say is that we judge a person without knowing the facts. I do that. A man I just met made me realize how each person is different and each person holds so much goodness and power within themselves.

It was good reminder for me to not judge people prematurely and accept people who are different from me.  It’s about understanding the good of a person whoever they are.
Japanese proverb “ten people, ten colors”. It means “so many people, so many minds; everyone has own ideas and tastes; It takes all sorts to make a world.”

Different strokes for different folks.

Photo Gallery – April 2015

* * * * *

I met Will (William) at events in San Francisco. He is photographer and you may see his photos from some of SF Bay Area publications. He sent me some of his works. Excellent !! After all, he is a professional photographer. Search “Photo by Will Lee” to find his work.

My iPad has no flash. Here is example of my photo (left) and his (right).

4/03: SF Taiko Dojo at SF City Hall Rotunda
4/04: $20: Archery lesson at Fat Shaft in Benicia, CA
4/06: $$$: Left Eye Cataract surgery
4/10: $7Senior: ‘Second best exotic marigold hotel’ at Orinda theatre
4/11: Cherry Blossom Festival Japantown, SF
4/15: $$$ but let me in FREE: 2 special exhibits at the de Young Museum (1) ‘Botticelli to Baroque’ Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland (2) ‘Bouquets to Art’ They gave me 2 ‘member’ tickets (past 3/15, 7/13)
4/15: $$: Ballet “Program 7” Triple Bills, SF War Memorial Opera House
4/17: Friday Nights at the de Young – Scottish events.
4/18: Cal Day 2015′ at UC Berkeley
4/19: Cherry Blossom Parade, Japantown, SF
4/24: $5Donated: Labyrinth walk with live music. church in Berkeley
4/24: Berkeley Folk Dancer
4/26: Pier 39, SF
4/26: California Mille’s 25th celebration of Italy’s famous Race at Fairmont Hotel Nob Hill.
4/29: San Pablo Casino.

3 thoughts on “Different strokes?

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s not much drama here. I was very happy to hear you enjoyed browsing it. I hope you didn’t get depressed by reading my aging-related rants. I will present many interesting activities in San Francisco and Bay Area.

  1. haha I am not all that far behind you (age-wise) and find hope in your vitality and zeal. You always hear people saying “it’s hell gettin’ old” but you really have to get there to appreciate that fact. 😉
    Wishing you happiness, health, friends and many adventurous activities to come.

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